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MakeShiftPublishing provides an outsider's view.

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MakeShiftPublishing covers a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

social welfare, human rights, advocacy, international affairs, sustainability, and renewable energy.

Regardless of the subject matter, accessible writing is always front and centre.


Write-up of Kantar Public's contribution to the September 2021 NYU/ICI Flagship Report on Equality and Inclusion.

Write-up of the AAL Programme's 'Health and Care Ecosystems as Drivers for Transforming European Welfare in the 2020s.'  

Write-up of DEVCO's Evaluation Support Service cycle of conferences on evaluation in  difficult-to-reach areas

Eurobarometer report on Intra-EU labour mobility after the pandemic - June 2022

Eurobarometer report on Antimicrobial Resistance - November 2022

Eurobarometer report on Attitudes of Europeans towards Air Quality - April 2022